Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's a No for Allan

Allan Houston changed his mind on rejoining the New York Knicks for the 07-08 Season. I must admit I was excited when my friend sent me the text message stating he was making a comeback. It's obvious at this point the Knicks need a prayer circle, Jesus, and 5 new dudes in order to be contenders. But the idea of seeing Allan's sweet jump shot again brought a smile to my face. He felt as though it wouldn't be fair to the Knicks, if he came back now. I honestly didn't want to see Allan sitting on the bench with bags of ice on each knee (side-eyes old images of Ewing). Isiah Thomas wasn't too thrilled with Allan's return, and Allan mostly likely picked up on the non-supportive vibe. I will keep my New York Knick pom-pons buried and check out Boston real hard this season. It's going to get real interesting with Garnett, and Ray Allen alongside Pierce up North in Boston.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nasty Buzzards

So obviously, R. Kelly isn't the only one who likes to give golden showers. So I'm at work minding my business and not giving a fluck as usual. I proceed to eat my lunch when the cleaning lady feels the need to ask me, 'you hear what happen' in her lovely Trini accent. I look up, like what now? She tells me the Russian (that's what I call him) came to the kitchen yesterday to make coffee and notice some golden rain in the pot. He sniffed and voila it was pee pee. So this brainiac aka nasty buzzard washed the pot out not once but twice with fucking dish detergent and prepared a pot of 'fresh' piss...err I mean coffee with a shot of piss. So he decides today to tell this other dude about his findings from the day before. Dude automatically gives him the side-eye and tells the cleaning lady, who then asks the Russian if this is true. He says yes and it's confirmed by two managers. So around 3 today his story turns into a misunderstanding. Supposedly, the Russian and dude was in the kitchen at the same time and dude was about to lock the door to the warehouse kitchen and the Russian tells him don't lock the door they might think that you will pee in the coffee pot. WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT FUCK??? So you know I'm happy I don't drink coffee right?!? But please believe I will be having my tea without the milk.

Hot Vid/Hot Song

I felt the need to post this video for this hot tune, I rock to whenever I hit my favorite bar/lounge in Brooklyn. Tessanne Chin delivers a sweet melody with her influx of rock, reggae, and dance hall, in her hit Hide Away.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tyler Delivers Again

My friends and I went to see Tyler Perry's new movie, Why Did I Get Married. Let me first mention that Tyler is number one at the box office today, grossing $22.3 million according to Yay Madea! I found the movie to be very entertaining. I don't want to give anything away for those who have yet to see it. I did enjoy Jill Scott's character and the obnoxiousness of Tasha Smith's character. The movie shows the dynamics of what often breaks marriages and what should or could be done to avoid divorce. In some cases, the marriage cannot be saved at all! This movie is a great opportunity for a sister girl night out. It's also a very therapeutic movie for couples to enjoy too. So if you have yet to support Mr. Perry, please do, you will be thoroughly entertained.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Miami Carnival 2k7

I had the joy and splendor of going to Miami for Carnival this year with my two friends. I love Miami's Carnival, because unlike New York you can drink your rum and jump behind any truck without literally jumping over barricades.

I arrived on Friday and instantly got my Wet Willie's fix. I didn't recall Call the Cab tasting like a frozen NyQuil but it did. So I ordered a Triple Play and was right as rain afterwards. We attempted to go to a dancehall party but the busters were overcharging at the door as usual so we ended up going to 10 to 10. 10 to 10 is a stage show/fete that goes from 10 in the night until 10 in the morning. The party was sweet, with exception to the harsh rain showers. Fine men were in abundance and my eyes were having a good time. As the rain came down we danced to the sweet tunes of Burning Flames, Iwer George and finally Machel Montano.

Saturday I linked up with a fellow Crunkster, which is the fab and oh so adorable Q! An oncoming rain shower shortened our beach time, so we hit up Ocean Drive. We all went to Mangos where this one Gwen Stephanie look alike stole the show. We all left Mangos feeling lovely, I had an extremely strong Mojito. Some random dude on the strip offered to take our pic, though my skeptical ass was wondering if he would make a mad dash with my camera. lol.

Sunday we headed to Carnival, but not as quick as Mr. Zestilicious. The only wack part about Miami's Carnival is the $20 admission into the park. I'm used to rolling up on Eastern Parkway free of charge. Once we were in our comfort zone onlooking the festivities, Mr. Zestilicious was determined to steal the show. He literally posed for the camera now click click click
This dude clearly made my day. But he wasn't the only diva to steal the show. She was too cute.

The song that owned the road for me was Ricky T's, Pressure Boom. Nothing but bad behavior came from me this weekend as that song played. Other hot tunes were Patrice Robert's Wuking Up and Machel's Whining Season. We took in some more fine men and left early to get ready for Jabba's Strike Back party.

Jabba's party was the bomb, and I was mad as hell I had to leave early in order to catch the flight I eventually missed. Yeah no need to go into that because this post is only about good times spent in Miami.