Monday, December 29, 2008

In Memory of Ice

This past Christmas season, Black Roses Crew lost yet another member of it's family. The loss of Ice, marks the second major dancer gunned down from the crew. I cannot speak on the cause of these tragic murders but I will say it's ridiculous.

I recall Ice 'taking it to dem' in Beenie's World Dance video. I would rewind the video countless times to capture Ice's every move. My fondest memory is the first time seeing Ice dance live. My friend and I were at an Ouch Crew dance at La Roose in Portmore. Black Roses took their spot, center stage. And Ice just glided on the concrete on his tippy toes as if he was literally on ice. I watched without blinking, certain to bring some of the moves back to the states.

I know in the dance, violence and good times go hand in hand. For a while Ice appeared to be the lone survivor of Black Roses, still innovating new moves to bust in the dance. Still taking it to the new cats who were destined to dance their way to the top. Now I don't know if this is an isolated incident or one to silence Black Roses for good, but whatever the issues are, the violence and disrespect for mankind has to end. And I pray this tragedy doesn't end in folks pointing fingers at which artist or dancer is responsible for Ice's murder. I hope justice is served. I hope the dancehall continues to be an arena for ghetto youth to dance or dj their way from JA to Japan to New York to Germany to Cape Town and so forth.

R.I.P Ice. Gone too soon and will never be forgotten.