Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bundle of Joy

On July 13, 2007 my precious little niece was born. My sister gave birth to the first great grand for my paternal grandmother, the first grandchild to my parents and my first niece. So she is truly a blessing. Not to mention her birthday came straight during midday (lotto talk) on the following Saturday. My stilettos come off to all the mothers out there. The feeling of seeing this little tiny being that once lived in my sister's belly is amazing. I stare at her in amazement everyday. I look at my sister as a true hero after seeing the early stages of labor. I must've ran out of the labor and delivery room about 3 times. Yes I'm a punk, but I still cry if I see my big sis cry. lol. Enjoy the pic and thanks for sharing this moment with me.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Goodness

This weekend was pretty interesting. So I left work with my mouth watering for sweet and shower shrimp, only later to find out the kitchen was closed. So we just ended up having a couple of drinks. Those couple of drinks made my alcohol intake surpass what I ate for the day. I ended up finding a comfy nucca free corner to dance my ass off in. Of course some chicks came over with their dude in an attempt to crowd my space but I innocently threw some 'bows when hip hop came on. My friend was also bothered by the skinny chick pretending to have hips and constantly bumping into her chair. We manage to leave without getting ignorant.

Saturday, was supposed to be a movie day and another attempt at sweet and sour shrimp. Transformers was sold out, but we were delighted to see that a Cold Stone Creamery opened up across the street from the theater. We hung out and limed a bit and then headed to Squadz for some got damn sweet and sour shrimp. When we got there it was fairly empty to our surprise, the waitress greeted us and told us the kitchen was being remodeled and that Squadz would be closed next week and to reopen Friday! So we went to another spot with good food in BK and yes I had some sweet and sour shrimp and a rum punch. *smiles* My friend and I were en route to go lime at the promenade but a friend called and told us of a bbq he was at. We ended up crashing the bbq and dancing our asses off yet again.

I wrap my weekend by saying by golly I think this ol' goat still got it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Day Off!!!

Gosh it feels good to wake up whenever I want today. I plan to raid bbq's today and hit up a picnic (I hate this word because the origin means 'pick a nigger to lynch'). Boggling isn't it? I remember back in the days when we lit our own fireworks. But those days are long gone, I love my fingers so I will try and catch the display down by the Promenade. So everyone please be safe and enjoy the hell out of this middle of the damn week day off.