Monday, April 30, 2007

Damn Miami

Miami took a blow this past weekend that no team has faced in 50 years of the NBA. After being crowned champions of the 2005-2006 season, they do not stand a chance of regaining the crown. They have been knocked out in the first round. Simply put as Dwyane Wade said, "a one hit wonder". The Heat were swept by the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs. Now the Bulls shall face my favorite team, the Detroit Pistons. But the irony of it all will be too sweet, because my man Ben Wallace who is now with the Bulls will have a chance to compete against his former team. Good Times.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Prevalent Problems With Dating Scene

Perhaps I should have paid attention in 3rd grade when the girls’ line surpassed the boys’ line. This was a sign of an inevitable dating crisis. Once you factor in relocating after college, the picture gets grimmer. Fast forward to you and your girls going out for a night on the town, and whose line is always longer, of course the women’s line. Which means, men will be using recycled gimmicks throughout the night on various women.

Unlike men, women are more skeptical to date younger men. Of course you have women that break this mode, but the majority of women look to date men their age or older. So the older a women gets the more limited her dating options become. As we get older we often have less tolerance for the dating game. We begin to see right through lines that used to attract us in our early twenties. Our mother’s voices soon become our own. Men are scared of us because they feel as though our biological clock possesses us and the first thing we want from any breathing man is a baby.

Another issue is the lack of creativity in planning a date. It seems like a movie and dinner are the staple of what a date should be. Then there is the guy who offers his crib as the venue for a first date. A movie and dinner then turns to let’s order food at my place and rent a movie. Once the relationship is established I see no problem with spending quality time at home alone. But in the beginning and throughout the relationship horizons should be broadened. An offer to go to a jazz concert, a play, and a museum are all very intriguing. For a more intimate dating scene, a walk in the park or along the boardwalk is a nice option.

While nature offers countless priceless ventures, there still remains a problem of cheap stakes. It’s a timeless fact that women love to be pampered. We do not wish to sit through dinner wondering who’s going to pay for the meal. We want a reason to put on our sexy new shoes and get our hair coiffed. For some men, spending money equals brownie points, which can be traded in for sex. I’d like to think that I am not the toy that comes with the happy meal. Even through inflation, the cheap stake is a thorn in a dating female’s side.

All of these issues do not spell out the end of the dating scene. The male shortage may lead to you re locating as well. A new job or town could be a great move for you. This can also mean healthy competition. There is nothing wrong with stepping your appearance up a notch or learning new things to enhance your appeal. Dating should also be fun, so like men we should not limit ourselves to strict age requirements. Instead of waiting for a guy to offer a more adventurous evening we should give examples of the things we like to do. If you happen to fall for a cheap stake, then be willing to split the bill or offer to pay to play.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Overpriced Natural Hairstylist

I got my hair done this past weekend, and I was clearly beat in the head. I always do my own hair but this time I wanted the hands of a professional in my hair. My issue is the cost these natural stylist charge for simple hairdos such as double strand twist. Especially when I can do this style sitting on my sofa while watching television. I'll give the woman credit, she did them very small but let's face it $90 is what I call getting raped in the rear with dry sand. Then there are the African hair stylist that take out all injustices they faced in life on my hairline. I wasn't up for that. So now I must work this overpriced hairdo for it's worth.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Spa Treatment

Happy Monday! Me and the ladies went out for some much needed spa treatment this weekend. I was joined by four of my friends. We went to Cynergy Spa located at 87 Fort Greene Pl, Brooklyn NY. I enjoyed a facial and massage. The environment was very relaxing and tranquil. The girl who did my facial was very helpful in recommending additional items to help in treating my skin. I highly recommend this spa for anyone in the area. We went to a cool Thai restaurant after and had lunch, which I also recommend. I had a mojito, yes I know from a Thai restaurant, and it was slamming. Perhaps slamming too much, because a couple of hours later I dropped my cell phone in the water while getting a pedicure. MUY MAL! So hopefully all the pampering I had this weekend will allow me to have a mellow work week.