Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Old and Shit

So tomorrow starts the last year of my rolling 20's. Unlike some of my other amigos, I'm not really sweating it. I did a few fake cries but no real anxiety attacks. I have one friend who can't even say thirty. She can only manage thh thh thh and then her shoulders collapse. I can look back and say I had a damn good time in my 20's. So I look forward to conquering the next stage as a wiser, stronger, and sexier senorita. I plan to travel to further destinations and get a few more degrees. Oh and a family would be nice too. Happy Birthday to me me me!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Random thought spurred from Random invite

I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow. I knew the girl from High School but we haven't really bonded much since then. I'm just wondering if anyone think it's peculiar for someone to invite random people to showers or weddings for that matter. This brings me to one of my best friends in Junior High, yup I said it Junior flucking High. She married her long term boyfriend and invited me to the wedding. Perhaps it's my sometimes anti-social ass who finds this strange. But if I don't par with you and haven't spoken to you in say damn near 10 years chances are I'm not inviting you to shyte. Tell me what do you think...