Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot Vid

I get overly excited when I see a video that exudes raw dancehall material. Often times pretty packaged products come out of the dancehall community and what the mainstream views is a diluted image of the party scene I love so much. This video for the song Boys by M.I.A. is hot! It features most of the popular dance moves taking the dancehall community by storm. There are appearances by Black Blingas, Timeless, Sample Six, Ravers Clavers, G Unit, Kadillac, Shelly Belly...just to name a few.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Be Be Kids

So I'm in my living room watching an African movie, which are the hotness, and I hear all sorts of noise outside. Now living in BK you may think it's normal. I have this issue whereas I feel at a certain time in the night not a creature should be stirring. I go to the window and see a block full of half pints running wild. I whisper a 'wtf' and I see adults in the midst of this fuckery but no one is seeming to handle the situation. I heard bottles breaking with a mix of foul language. Eventually this demented day care scene made it's way to the corner where I heard more noise and eventually police sirens. Now I don't know if the Be Be kids were told to quiet down or if they were actually taken into custody, but it has certainly added another point to the 'has the world gone mad campaign'.